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July 2013




Horses who have been footsore for a long period of time, or who have been braced through their bodies for a long time, may require some assistance to regain complete freedom of movement.


Appropriate trimming and hoofcare is vitally important to prevent distortions in the hoof capsule that could affect the way the horse is able to move.   In some instances, therapeutic passive stretching exercises may help the horse to restore the full range of motion to all limbs.   Core strengthening exercises from the ground, and when ridden, may be necessary to fully rehabilitate the horse.


The following two subpages are devoted to the issues of rehabilitating a horse with a functionally low angle to the coffin bone, and how to safely and easily perform passive stretching exercises.



 to go to the subpage for Low Palmar or Plantar Angle.


 to go to the subpage on Passive Stretching exercises for horses.

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